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JUNTOS Vieques, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization Founded in 2014

Your donations are always tax exempt by both the IRS and by the Puerto Rico Department of Treasury (1101.01 Certified, Compliant for Act 60 • 2014-1101.01-192 Certificacion de Vigencia de Exencion Contributiva de Entidad Sin Fines de Lucro) .

JUNTOS Mission

Create partnerships to foster a generation of youth who are motivated by compassion to change the world..



The main objective of JUNTOS is to work together locally with innovative programs to prepare young people, in one of the most underserved municipalities in Puerto Rico, to be compassionate, creative, driven, & dedicated solutionaries. JUNTOS strives to equip youth to be able to identify unjust, inhumane, and unsustainable systems in our community and around the world, and create solutions that enable people, animals, and nature to thrive. 

JUNTOS Vieques

In collaboration with other organizations, local leaders, teachers, entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, coaches, storytellers and musicians, JUNTOS works with youth through creative compassion based programs.  The JUNTOS after-school, weekend and summer programs aim to inspire empathy, creativity and critical thinking. Together we think globally but act locally to change the world. 


Since 2014, thanks to generous donations and compassionate visionaries, JUNTOS has positively impacted the community of Vieques by bringing a formal Humane Education Program to the Vieques Public School System serving children from pre-school through middle school. JUNTOS has employed full-time educators that created clubs, after-school programs and summer camp programs in addition to the program in the public schools. 


In 2022, JUNTOS became the proud Fiscal Sponsor Grantee of GREEN SCHOOL- Acton Academy Vieques  that is bringing a primary school of the 21st century to Vieques. As their Fiscal Sponsor Grantee, JUNTOS helps facilitate tax deductible donations for grants, improvements, and additional programs that help increase the impact of the school currently serving 6-11 year olds in Vieques. 


In 2023, in an ongoing effort to have even more impact in the community, JUNTOS is revamping our mission and expanding our Humane Education Program into a dynamic Compassionate Community Center & Club for the youth of Vieques. 

The Compassionate Community Center will serve as an Educational Umbrella Organization to house a variety of progressive and world changing programs. 


The Center's programs, in collaboration with other organizations and local leaders/educators/artists will include;


  • Humane Education,

  • Environmental Stewardship,

  • Oceanography,

  • Community Garden (Sustainable Agriculture),

  • Job Training for Teens,

  • Entrepreneurship Workshops,

  • Cultural Art & Music Workshops,

  • A bilingual primary school from the 21st Century (ESCUELA VERDE- Acton Academy Vieques),

  • Apprenticeships and more. 

Your donations and ongoing support allow us to make an ever growing impact in the lives of people, animals, and the environment in our beloved and underserved local community of Vieques, Puerto Rico.  



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